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27 Jan

CBD Oil as an Alternative to Medicinal Marijuana

CBD Oil as an Alternative to Medicinal Marijuana

CBD Oil as an Alternative to Medicinal Marijuana

In the past couple years, some states have made it legal to sell controlled doses of marijuana. Medicinal marijuana has been widely prescribed for years, to ease the pain and suffering associated with various forms of cancer. Marijuana comes from the hemp plant, which has some restorative and soothing properties. The extracts from hemp contain both THC and CBD elements. THC is the element found in marijuana, which gives people the high associated with being stoned. CBD, provides the restorative properties without the side effects of being stoned. Recently, manufacturers have been extracting the CBD oil without the element of THC, to sell legally on the open market.

The Healing Properties of CBD Oil

This natural extract has been shown to work directly on the nerve endings which send pain signals directly to the brain. By blocking the pain receptors in the brain, people suffering from certain debilitating conditions, such as migraine headaches or arthritis, have relief that allows them to function in a normal manner throughout their day. The ability to act directly on the nerves associated with the brain, also allows the properties of CBD oil to help create a calm state for people who suffer from anxiety. In some cases, the oil has been shown to reduce the symptoms associated with certain types of mental illnesses, including schizophrenia.

CBD Oil for Cancer

As an all natural substance, CBD Oil has been widely accepted as an alternative to using medical marijuana for cancer. The oil contains the properties that help control the feeling of nausea many people experience after receiving chemo treatments. By reducing the feeling of nausea, cancer sufferers are better able to eat foods to help nourish their bodies. This oil has also been used to make specially formulated lotions, which can be used to help reduce or eliminate the visible signs of skin cancer.

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